What Experts Are Saying About the COVID Slide

May 6, 2020 | Fort Collins

As a parent, you've probably heard of the 'summer slide,' where students can lose up to 3 months of knowledge over the summer. This already scary phenomenon is being compounded this year by the knowledge slide kids are experiencing because of closed schools during the COVID-19 outbreak. And math skills are getting hit worst of all! The NWEA has been using their data from the summer slide regression to gain insights into the COVID Slide in anticipation of making recommendations come fall. What they are predicting is startling. 

They're predicting that students are going to come back in the fall with less than 50% of their math skills, leaving them up to a full year behind where they should be!

"...in mathematics, students are likely to show much smaller learning gains, returning with less than 50% of the learning gains and in some grades, nearly a full year behind what we would observe in normal conditions"

It's not surprising that being out of school for such an extended period of time would have lasting impacts on your child's education, but it's important to also think about the emotional and mental impacts students will face too. Students will be left feeling anxious, confused, and looking for support. 

Preventing your student from falling victim to this potential learning loss and emotional distress hinges on finding convenient and effective solutions for your family. Online learning systems, such as our Mathnasium@home system, can help your child continue their math journey and get the enrichment they need to stay on an upward trajectory. Call us today to try a free trial of our online system.

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