Teaching Math In a Way That Makes Sense

Oct 10, 2023 | Gaithersburg

Q: What is it about Mathnasium that helps students find success in math?

What sets Mathnasium apart in helping students achieve math success? The answer is straightforward: we prioritize teaching for comprehension. Instead of encouraging students to depend on memorization, repetitive learning, or calculators, our expert instructors employ various methods, ensuring that children grasp math concepts in a way that resonates with them. This approach acknowledges that every student has their own unique learning style.

The Mathnasium Method TM stands out due to its utilization of five distinct modes to deliver our program to students, with lessons typically incorporating a blend of these modes. If a student struggles to grasp a concept through one method, our instructors will switch to another until the student experiences that 'Eureka!'😅 moment. This profound understanding is the cornerstone of unlocking their full mathematical potential.

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