Study tips for the new school year

Oct 4, 2021 | Greensboro
Another school year is here. Is your child ready?
When it comes to studying, kids need to have good habits to start the year off right and stay on track. Good study habits will build strong math students and instill a positive outlook on their learning, which is so important for young students.
Fortunately, this does not have to be overwhelming. Even if these tips seem elementary, give them a try and see the positive results that follow.
Tip #1: Find the best time to study and stick to it.
Building this habit is a team effort and can be made into a fun family activity. Perhaps take some time this month to sit with your child and create a monthly or weekly calendar to display the schedule visually. You may need to tweak the schedule throughout the year so consider a magnetic, Velcro, or dry-erase board. Use stickers and colors so the calendar is attractive. Hang the schedule somewhere where it will be easily accessible throughout the school year!
Tip #2: Set aside downtime for rest and play.
Besides getting a solid evening of rest, we know that a balance of study and play is beneficial for any child to keep them engaged and happy. Dedicate time for play, just like you do for study.
Tip #3: Foster the art of taking good notes … and using them

Taking good notes in class as well as at home is a valuable skill to have. Here are some ways your child can get the most out of it:               

  • Copy class notes over by hand. This helps commit information to memory and helps you see gaps in class notes.
  • Make sure your child understands what they have written down. If not, ask questions.
  • Discuss school lessons with friends or family members. Try to explain it to them. By verbalizing you are better able to discover areas that you may need to review for clarity.
  • Revisit and review notes regularly to keep the material fresh

Tip #4: Set personal goals.

Your child is never too young to set a goal and work towards it. Whether it is to complete all assigned homework, improve a grade over a specific period, or excel in class in both understanding and grades, a goal will push your child forward.

Tip #5: Create a study space that works for your child.


Finally, effective study takes place in a space that feels comfortable and safe. Your child will be most productive in a dedicated, organized study space.

Whether it is a separate room or the corner of a shared space, designate an area of study that is distraction-free, clean, and organized. Be sure to have the necessary supplies and keep them in this specific location for easy access. Consider decorating the space with the child’s accomplishments and words of inspiration.