Summer Camp Programs

Mar 13, 2024 - Jul 31, 2024
Summer Camp Programs

Week 1: July 8, 10, 11: Introduction to Checkers and Chess: Students will learn the basics of chess and checkers, two of the oldest and most well known games worldwide. We will discuss how the board is set up for each game, how to move the pieces, strategies for the games, and how to win. Students will have the chance to build up their skills over the rest of the summer during a short game time before or after lessons. 

Week 2: July 15, 17, 18: Marble Mania and Movement: Students will explore gravity through building and operating marble courses. For younger students, they will learn how to make things go faster or slower, and the different ways shape and angle can affect speed. For older students they will be able to touch on the key concepts involved in Calculus through modeling marble speeds using equations they will develop. They will also explore the laws of physics by creating a car powered by a balloon. For younger students they will see what designs can make the car go the fastest, while older students will explore the factors behind the speed the car goes and optimize their design using this knowledge, as well as other fun experiments! 

Week 3: July 22, 24, 25: Probability & Money Math: Students will focus on probability and games of chance to start the week, which will help them understand randomness and the importance of proper money and risk management. Students will also spend a good chunk of time designing and building their own games of chance, and will have a game day at the end of the final day of camp to see who can make the most interesting game, as well as the most profit. 

Week 4: July 29, 31, Aug 1: Math and Art: Students will learn about the many forms math takes in art. They will look at different composition rules, such as the rule of thirds. They will also learn about the role math takes in forming patterns in music and in visual art, and make their own origami! This camp will help to demystify many things that we often take for granted, as well as provide a new appreciation for the mechanics behind the many forms of art we consume on a day to day basis. 

Week 5: August 5, 7, 8: Chemical Reactions: Get your child excited about chemistry with this fun experience! Students will construct their own baking soda volcano, lava lamp, chemistry art, and other experiments. These experiments will introduce them to the basic building blocks that make up the world, as well as some fascinating interactions.