Chelsey Tyler - Owner/Center Director's Founding Story of Mathnasium of Humble South

Jul 28, 2022 | Humble South

Mathnasium of Humble South wants to introduce you to our Owner, Chelsey Tyler - Owner/Center Director

Q: Why did you choose to own a Mathnasium center? A: I saw the good that we could do at Mathnasium by being able to go back and teach concepts that teachers don't have the time to go back and teach. These skills are necessary for concepts that they are learning in class and students have much more confidence when they can recognize the layers of skills.

Q: What do you like about the city your Mathnasium center is located in? A: The people are so friendly and supportive of small businesses!

Q: Can you think of any way that your center has positively impacted the community that it’s located in? A: We sometimes offer scholarships to families in need and sponsor multiple school & community events every year!

Q: Did you like math when you were in grade school? A: I did. Math came easy to me, with the exception of fractions. I was never taught how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, reduce or convert fractions properly. I got the right answer, I just would get easily confused and discouraged by fraction problems. I finally had a teacher in 8th grade that sat me down to explain how fractions work and something clicked. I love being able to show students that they shouldn't be afraid of fractions (or whatever concept) and tell them my story. We all struggle with something - it is how we overcome it that matters.

Q: What do you think you would have liked most about Mathnasium if you had attended when you were in grade school? A: Me? The incentives. And the ability to work at my own pace. If I were to grasp a concept quickly, I can move on. If a concept is a little more challenging, I would be able to take my time and work through it and ask questions until I understand it.

Q: One last question, what’s something fun you enjoy doing in Humble South? A: I love to eat at Los Cucos. I take my instructors there regularly to celebrate birthdays, staff recognition, and just every day meetings. "