Problems of the Week - May 9 to May 15

May 9, 2022 | Lake Boone

Rewards for Problems of the week:

5 stars for the correct answer at your level; 10 stars for the next level; 20 stars for 2+ levels up.

Lower Elementary:

Question: Kylie sold books at a yard sale for 10¢ each and toys for 50¢ each. If she sells 6 books and 3 toys, how much does Kylie earn altogether?



Upper Elementary:

Question: Eight groups of children are performing skits at their summer camp comedy show. Each skit is 5 minutes long. If each group performs once and the campers must be done with the comedy show by 9:15 pm, then what is the latest time they can start the show?



Middle School:

Question: A 9-foot tree casts a 6-foot shadow. Cameron’s dog casts a 2-foot shadow. Cameron is twice as tall as the dog. How tall is Cameron?



Algebra and Up:

Question: The profit earned by a coffee company, measured in thousands of dollars, is modeled by the function f(t) = t2 – 8t + 16, wherein t is measured in months and t = 1 is January 2012. What month does the coffee company earn the least amount of money? How much do they earn?



Challenge problem to take home. 5 stars for the correct answer. 

Which of the numbers below can't you get by changing some of the + to -?

a) -8              b) 0          c) 6           d) 8