Students "Urgently Need Targeted Support Outside of Schools' Resources"

Aug 19, 2022 | Lindon



While it may feel like COVID-19 is finally over, our students continue to feel huge repercussions in their education as a result of the pandemic. We all know that online learning was a struggle for most of them, but did you know that COVID continues to have a huge impact on their learning today?

At the end of 2021, the Utah Board of Education reported that 5th graders experienced a 45% decrease in performance on state math testing in 2021, with the average student testing 24 points below 'Proficient'. All grade levels experienced similarly concerning dips in performance (you can see the Board's full report here or KSL's analysis here).

With math building on itself every year and noting that the average Utah student was already below 'Proficient' in math pre-COVID, you can understand how those in the field of education are not optimistic that the 2022 findings will see any meaningful improvement.

The Utah State Board of Education stated that these findings "highlight the urgency of. . . providing targeted support to these. . . student groups to prevent them from falling into an academic spiral." They went on:  "The learning acceleration necessary cannot be left to teachers and principals alone. School leaders, educators, and local communities will need support and resources to sustain the necessary interventions."

Luckily, personalized learning intervention is our specialty. At Mathnasium, we provide that "targeted support" of which so many students today are in desperate need. We teach to your student as an individual, and work at their pace and at their level to get them back on track. And, as a bonus, we make learning math fun!

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