Local Mathnasium Centers Organize 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

Nov 23, 2021 | Livingston

We are happy to announce that students at our local Mathnasium centers in Chatham, Summit, Westfield, Livingston, and Basking Ridge have collectively donated 309 items of food to Interfaith Food Pantry (//mcifp.org/). Our students generously traded in their Mathnasium rewards cards earned through hard work in exchange for food items of their choice to be donated on their behalf. The breakdown of the items is as follows:

Beans: 32 cans
Corn: 36 cans
Stuffing Mix: 24 boxes
Chicken Soup: 60 cans
Macaroni & Cheese: 126 boxes
Rice Pilaf: 24 boxes

+ additional items food items directly brought to our centers by students

We are proud of our students for this achievement, and glad that we can donate this significant amount on their behalf. Happy Thanksgiving to our community!