Mathnasium@Home Family Math Night

Jun 16, 2020 | Long Beach Los Altos

Join us for a Virtual Math Night where we host fun, enjoyable games & activities for families to play in real-time at their homes. Virtual Math Night will be held online via Zoom. Link to be sent day of event.

Come join us as we host our first-ever Math Night@home!

Mathnasium of Long Beach Los Altos is teaming up with Mathnasium of Seal Beach to bring you our first Mathnasium@Home Family Math Night! Just like an in-center Math Night, our @Home version will bring our community together for a night of fun and math learning for the whole family.

Our Math Night@home is a condensed version of Mathnasium's typical Math Night experience, now provided virtually in an online platform. Anyone can participate in Math Night@home and it is free to access with registration.

The Math Night@home will feature engaging games developed by Mathnasium to involve families and increase interest in STEM subjects through an enjoyable and shared math experience. Every participating family will play 4 different math-related games/activities. Our goal is to get to know local families and show them that math can be fun!

We will be having games, activities, and a grand prize giveaway!

As a fun fact, this virtual Math Night will be hosted on the same day as Tau Day. Remember Pi Day, back on 3/14? Well, pi has a friend called tau, and 6/28 is its day. And at Mathnasium, we are all about celebrating mathematical constants. And variables. And anything that has to do with kids learning math. Tau Day is an unofficial annual celebration of the circle constant τ=6.283185…, and is equivalent to double π (pi).

To learn more about Tau and its day, watch this video on Khan Academy.


Online via Zoom (Link will be sent day of event)


Sunday, June 28th, 2020

4 pm - 5 pm


Register here through Eventbrite

Email [email protected] or call 562-242-7170 if you have any questions.