Rewarding Students is Part of the Program

Jun 1, 2020 | Long Beach Los Altos

Keeping kids motivated is important here at Mathnasium of Long Beach Los Altos. A motivated student attends more often, is more attentive, enjoys the experience more, and improves his or her math skills much faster. As part of our student reward system, each student receives a rewards card that we "stamp" each time they complete a page of math, error-free. Once a prescriptive lesson packet is completed, the students do a "mastery check" page that they must get 100% on. When they do, they get to spin a prize wheel packed with additional rewards, such as extra star punches and treats.


Completed reward cards can be redeemed at our prize cabinet in-center or online by contacting our center director. Our rewards feature everything from candy to toys, Bluetooth speakers, and gift cards! Students can spend often on lower level items or save up for more expensive rewards. This provides a "secret" economics lesson on the power of saving!


Student Stamp Card Directory

Students can use this directory to check how many cards they have currently completed that can be used to redeem for rewards. 



NOTE: This does not reflect your total cards collected over your entire time at Mathnasium that counts toward your Mathlete Level.