Alison McDonough, Center Director's Founding Story for Mathnasium of Longmeadow

Jul 28, 2022 | Longmeadow

Mathnasium of Longmeadow wants to introduce you to our Owner, Alison McDonough, Center Director

Q: Why did you choose to own a Mathnasium center? A: I struggled with math in sixth grade, but grew to love it in middle and high school, and went on to study math in graduate school. I worked as a Mathnasium Instructor one summer, and fell in love with their unique approach to teaching math to kids. I saw for myself how excited kids can be about math when it is taught in a way that makes sense to them!

Q: What do you like about the city your Mathnasium center is located in? A: Longmeadow is such a friendly, welcoming town. I love that I always see kids out and about, at our local parks or riding their bikes. Many of our Mathnasium students even ride their bikes to the center!

Q: Can you think of any way that your center has positively impacted the community that it’s located in? A: Our center has helped dozens of kids with the math skills they lost during COVID. We also employ quite a few local high schoolers, who get great work experience sharing their love of math.

Q: Did you like math when you were in grade school? A: Yes, but I struggled with it in 6th grade when I was skipped ahead to a math class I didn't have the prerequisites for.

Q: What do you think you would have liked most about Mathnasium if you had attended when you were in grade school? A: Attempting the Problem of the Week

Q: One last question, what’s something fun you enjoy doing in Longmeadow? A: Taking my daughter to Six Flags New England or Bliss Park, "