December Math Activity: Sugar Cookies And Pretend Snow

Dec 29, 2018 | Mansfield

December Math Activity: Sugar Cookies And Pretend Snow

By Mathnasium 


Two simple December holiday math projects that are fun for both parents and kids alike. A great way for families to have fun with math!

What are two staples of the holiday season? Why, snow and cookies, of course! With the Mathnasium December math activities your family can have both in the comfort of your own home. 

Regardless of where you live, you can make it snow in your area—all you need is math! No, we're not talking about cloud seeding, it's the Mathnasium Learning Center math activity for December! You can also print out the cookie activity to make a tasty treat to go along with your pretend snow.

Kids who do math at home with their parents, in a fun and low-stress environment, are more likely to say that they enjoy math as a subject in school, and are more likely to do well in math classes.  

The links below include a pretend snow-making activity for lower elementary students, and a cookie baking activity for upper elementary (also an appropriate math middle school level activity).

These simple projects are both fun for parents and kids to have fun with math! Just click the link below for the project of your choice to open and print. 


Pretend Snow Making Activity (Lower Elementary)

Sugar Cookie and Frosting Activity (Upper Elementary)