Math Problem Of the Week

Mar 23, 2015 | Mansfield

March 23 - 28, 2015:

Earn a FREE punch card when you complete the Problem of the Week for your grade level.  Show your work on a piece of paper when you come in for your Mathnasium session.

Lower Elementary:

Question: Irene bought 2 sweaters each costing $30. If she paid with a $100 bill, how much change would he get back?

Upper Elementary:

Question: Quinn is flying from Sacramento to New York City. The clocks in New York City are 3 hours ahead of Sacramento (for example, if it is 2 PM in Sacramento, then it is 5 PM in New York City). If Quinn’s flight leaves Sacramento at 10:00 AM and the flight is 4 and a half hours long, what time is it in New York City when he arrives?

Middle School:

Question: Lisa is baking a variety of cookies to put in goody bags. In each goody bag, 1/2 are chocolate chip, 1/5 are white chocolate, and the remaining 3 cookies are sugar. How many of each cookie are in each goody bag?

Algebra and Up:

Question: Bill and Darren are mowing lawns. Bill can mow a lawn in an hour. If Bill and Darren work together, they can finish 2 lawns in 1 hour and 12 minutes. How long would it take for Darren to mow one lawn by himself?