Mathnasium Sessions Policies

Jan 1, 2023 | Maple Valley

Mathnasium Sessions Policies

Mathnasium of Bothell, Maple Valley & Mill Creek

Mathnasium enrollments allow our students a specific number of 60-minute sessions per month.

Standard vs Private Sessions

Mathnasium sessions can be the standard sessions with team teaching or Private sessions with a dedicated instructor, depending on the enrollment type. Standard and Private Sessions cannot be mixed with each other.

In-Center vs Online (@home) Sessions

Mathnasium sessions can be conducted in-person in our learning center or online (@home), depending on the enrollment type. In-center and Online Sessions cannot be mixed with each other, and must be scheduled accordingly.

Scheduling Policy

Parents or students must self-schedule, cancel and reschedule sessions online per scheduling lead-times (12 hours lead-time for new bookings, 6 hours lead-time for cancellations and reschedules). All pre-planned closures and center holidays are posted online on our website, are shared during enrollments and are included in monthly newsletters or announcements.

Rollover Policy

Any unused sessions will not rollover to future month(s). All sessions must be used within the month itself, otherwise they will be lost.

No-Show Policy**

All no-shows for scheduled sessions will be treated as sessions taken. No-shows take available slots from other students and make our center staffing inefficient.

Unscheduled Visit Policy

Any student showing up without a scheduled session may be sent back home or made to wait if we are short of instructors, to avoid taking time away from other students.

Late Cancellation/Reschedule Policy**

All session cancellation or reschedule requests received via email, phone, text or voice message with 6 hours or less notice will be treated as sessions taken.

Sick Child Policy

Sick children must not be brought to the center. Any scheduled sessions must be canceled and rescheduled timely within the month.

Extra Sessions Policy

Any sessions over monthly enrollment limit will be charged extra per session to the account. Parents and students must try to schedule only as many sessions as they signed-up for based on the enrollment.

** Limited illness or emergency related exceptions for rollover/makeup will be allowed with written notice via email. Such exceptions will be allowed only once every 2 months. Prolonged illness cases must be discussed with center management asap.