We're Celebrating Math and Stats Awareness!

Apr 28, 2022 | Massapequa Park

The truth is that math is everywhere! We see it on the farm, in the grocery store, on construction sites, and at the amusement park. Wherever you go, there’s math. This special month gives parents the perfect opportunity to talk to their kids about all the math in our world and in our lives. It’s a great time to discuss the growing need for college graduates in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math occupations). As well as the fact that STEM jobs aren’t the only ones that require math skills. In other words, whether your child dreams of being a software developer or a mural artist, an environmental engineer or a master chef, chances are they’ll need to have a good grasp of math.

And just because we may not hear about statistics as much as we do math, let’s not leave it out of the conversation. Stats is all about using data to answer questions and solve problems. As our world finds more and more ways to use digital and electronic data, the need for statisticians grows. To learn more about all the great ways our world is impacted by statistics and the exciting career paths that are out there, spend some time with your child on this fun and informative statistics website for students. We’ve also compiled a list of ways you can incorporate and start a discussion on statistics with your child in your daily life:

  • Watch our Mathnasium Math Tricks video on the Fundamental Counting Principle.
  • Talk about your child’s favorite sport and the statistics around it. Predict selections and the chances of winning.
  • Track data in a spreadsheet, for example, plant growth.
  • Conduct a survey at home and analyze the data.
  • Record the weather for a week or month in a table or graph and observe trends.
  • Research national and global statistics: for example, population density and growth.

As we move beyond the month of April, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to keep math and stats in your daily lives all year long. And if you’re looking for more ideas, feel free to contact us at 516-974-6284