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Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

Apr 5, 2024 | Mclean Blog

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month! While we love to appreciate math all year round, April is a time to celebrate the diverse researchers and students who work in math and stats fields. These individuals and teams contribute so much to fu..

Start the School Year STRONG

Aug 1, 2023 | Mclean Blog

Starting the school year strong is crucial for academic success, and building a strong foundation in math can greatly benefit a child's overall learning journey. The great news is that you don't need to wait for the school year to officially begin to start the school year S.T.R.O.N.G.! Follow these steps to set your child up for year-round success.

3 Back to School Checklists You Can’t Live Without

Jul 26, 2023 | Mclean Blog

This time of year can be hectic for parents, students, and teachers alike. Fortunately, you’ve got Mathnasium on your side - and we’ve put together some amazing tips that will help you kickstart the school year with a bang!

Math in the Kitchen: Ice Cream Math

Jul 7, 2023 | Mclean Blog

Get ready to whip up some tasty treats, and to help your children uncover the secret world of math that exists right in your own kitchen!

Mathnasium is now an Approved Vendor for K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants in VA

May 19, 2023 | Mclean Blog

Our team is thrilled to announce that Mathnasium of Short Pump is now an approved vendor for the K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants program in Virginia!

Setting Long Term Educational Goals for K-12 Students

Mar 15, 2023 | Mclean Blog

When it comes to your child’s math education, it’s important not to remain passive when it comes to goal setting. It’s up to you as their guardian to work with your child on long term goals to help them succeed and meet their full potential.

Teaching Kids to Love Math

Feb 1, 2023 | Mclean Blog

There are a million and one reasons why a student might dislike math - it’s hard, they don’t understand what’s going on, and it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth their time; just to name a few. However, adults all seem to agree that “math is important” an..

The Importance of Setting Math Goals

Jan 2, 2023 | Mclean Blog

Whether a child is falling behind because they struggle with the material or because they’re not being sufficiently challenged, research shows that empowering students to make their own decisions with regard to their education increases levels of engagement, and improves academic performance!