Mathnasium Math Nights

Oct 14, 2021 | Mclean

A Mathnasium Math Night helps kids explore math at their own level through exciting games and activities! These events are designed to engage both students and their guardians, and can take place in partnership with any local school, community group, or business. We bring all the games, materials, and fun -- all you have to do is prepare the space, provide the volunteers, and promote the event!

Keep reading to learn more about how you can host a Math Night at your school, community organization, or business!

What are Math Nights?

  • A math event hosted jointly by Mathnasium and a partner for K-5th grade students
  • An opportunity to involve families in a fun, enjoyable shared math experience
  • Easy programming -- Mathnasium provides all games and materials for turn-key execution
  • Encouragement and empowerment for kids of all backgrounds to pursue a love of math and STEM education
  • Math exploration for kids at their own levels through games and activities

How Does a Math Night Work?

Each child attending the Math Night will receive a "passport" with 10 numbered stars, once for each of the 10 activity stations. Families will visit each station and play the game or complete the activity at the station together. Once they've finished each activity, the volunteer facilitating the activity will mark off the correspondning star on the passport. Attendees do not need to complete the stations in order, and are welcome to revisit their favorite stations! Once all 10 stars are marked on the passport, families will visit the Rewards table to trade their passport in for a goody bag and a chance to enter a giveaway drawing.

Mathnasium Provides:

  • General framework for the event
  • 8 K-2 grade level game stations with all supplies
  • 8 3-5 grade level game stations with all supplies
  • 2 all-grade level game stations with all supplies
  • A Math Night passport for each student in attendance
  • A Goody Bag for each student in attendance
  • At least 1 Raffle item for guardians
  • Resources to assist with registration, promotion of the event, etc. as needed

You Provide:

  • A venue with a large capacity, like a cafeteria or a gym
  • Tables for the games, registration, and rewards
  • Volunteers to engage with participants as they play the games at each table
  • Promotion for the Math Night

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We’re also able to host Math Nights online!
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