CONGRATULATIONS to our September Teacher of the Month - Mary Ann Cawley!

Oct 6, 2019 | Mesa North

Teacher of the Month Presented by Mathnasium and AZTV

Teacher of the Month is a monthly “contest” presented by Mathnasium, the math learning center, and AZTV (Channel 7). Each month one teacher will be selected from community nomination to be recognized as Teacher of the Month. Current and former students and parents of students, colleagues, and relatives of teachers are encouraged to nominate teachers who go above and beyond for their classroom and campus to win this award. Winning teachers are surprised in their classroom by AZTV and are presented with a check for $479 from Mathnasium.


CONGRATULATIONS to our September Teacher of the Month - Mary Ann Cawley!

Mrs. Cawley is a eighth grade science teacher at Sonoran Foothills School. 


Mary Ann was selected as our winner of September Teacher of the Month based off her glowing nominations, shared below.


Mrs. Cawley is a dedicated, well respected educator, in my opinion, she deserves the Teacher of the Month award for her classroom. Mrs. Cawley is hard working, dedicated, thoughtful, funny, kind, and always engages her students. Working well past her paid hours, Mrs. Cawley ensures her students understand their material not just on a superficial level, she strives to make learning exciting and enjoyable so her students strive for success in her class. Dedicating herself to her students, Mrs. Cawley works hard to ensure her students a successful future because of her desire to see them succeed. Mrs. Cawley has put so much into the well being of her classroom and students that they can freely rely on her without hesitation.

Mrs. Cawley dedicates herself to her students. Teaching them well past the curriculum, making sure her students are well prepared for aims and high school. Not only does she teach every aspect of science with such elegance, when she can, Mrs. Cawley gives her students a hands on experience, allowing them to fully enjoy and learn the material she is teaching. Mrs. Cawley is trusted by her students and her colleagues because of her honesty. Being trustworthy is an important part of a teacher’s personality because it means her students are more open to listening to what she has to say. This is because they trust her enough to believe she it teaching them for their own benefit and it isn’t some waste of time. Mrs. Cawley’s trustworthiness has led to students confiding in her, this has led to students sharing sympathetic moments with Mrs. Cawley because she set aside what she was doing to listen to them.

Mrs. Cawley has dedicated all her time into her students’ success and their future. From a student’s point of view, Mrs. Cawley is extremely deserving of this award. Mrs. Cawley has taught students with such accuracy that any one of her students could easily exceed in any scientific field of work. She grants them with a path of success in the future if that's what they choose, and not many others provide their students with just that. 




First of all, she is so dedicated. She works early and late to make sure her students and classroom are successful at events and during the school day. She is there for anytime you need help. I was also part of Mrs. Cawley’s STEM Club. In this club, we got ready for science week. STEM week was so important to her and she put her heart and soul to make sure it was a great success, which it was. She even thought of the younger grades, who did not participate. We brought her baby tortoises and our tortoise to show. The kids could interact with them and learn about them, which kept them entertained. She is also a very fun teacher. She always made our STEM Club meetings fun and I knew every time I went into her class, that we were going to have fun learning. Mrs. Cawley always adds even more entertainment on field trips. Out of the few field trips we took, Mrs. Cawley always put pleasure into everyone’s day.

Mrs. Cawley is very passionate about teaching. She has such vision for each student. Taking the time to get to know her students is a focus and from there she finds their strengths and helps them to excel. There have been times I have witnessed Mrs. Cawley challenging, not only me but my peers, so strategically that we did not know we were even being challenged. We were put beyond our comfort zone but unknowingly were able to achieve something we may have never thought possible. I am a shy student but Mrs. Cawley has that special way to help me come out of my shell.


What wonderful nominations. Congratulations again to Mrs. Mary Ann Cawley and the Sonoran Foothills School for this award!


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