Parent Teacher Conference Like a Pro

Oct 14, 2020 | Mesa North

Parent Teacher conference season is upon us! Whether your student is in class or learning virtually, now is a wonderful opportunity to see how the school year is going so far.

The “COVID Slide” has had a significant impact on math success more than any other subject. Please make every effort to check in with your student's teacher to see your child's current progress and clarify academic performance expectations, so you can support your student from home.


Here are some tips for getting the most out of your conference before, during and after the visit:


Before the conference

  • Talk to your child about how they think they are currently performing (do they participate, raise their hand, and ask questions when they are confused?)
  • Prepare a list of topics with your student you would like clarification on so you can bridge learning
  • Take note of changes in work habits or attitudes to share with teacher (avoidance of concepts, outbursts, confusion, frustration or lack of perseverance in problem solving)

During the conference

  • Stay focused on your biggest goals so precious time isn't lost on excessive pleasantries or less important topics since the teacher has a packed schedule of parents
  • Ask to see work samples of your student
  • Ask to see a work sample considered the standard so you can help your student rise to the challenge
  • Know the teacher is a partner and you both are invested in your student's success, ask for tips for continuity sake
  • Emotions can get the best of everyone in a tense situation, but stay calm during the conference
  • If your child receives special services be sure to ask about their performance there as well. If it is with a subject matter specialist then request a separate conference with them.
  • Thank the teacher! They worked very hard this week to keep all the families informed of progress under conditions nobody expected

After the conference

  • Your student is eager to hear about the conference, be sure to find a calm time to go over what was discussed so action items can be implemented immediately
  • Start off sharing highlights about the wonderful things they have exhibited in class so far this year
  • Inform your student of any changes that may be coming to help them be more successful in the classroom (new seating, visiting the teacher table, virtual learning accommodations, after school support)
  • Continue to communicate with the teacher to make sure the plan is in motion and assess the progress so further changes can be implemented or discontinue the special effort if no longer necessary.


Math Tutoring & Homework Help

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