Math Card Games for Kids

Aug 30, 2017 | Miami Beach

Card Sort

Cards are perfect to use to practice sorting. Kids can sort them by suit, color and numbers. Older kids can group also group them by odds and evens or into multiples too.

Put in Order

Kids can use cards to practice counting and ordering numbers correctly. Younger kids can start with just a few to order at a time and older kids can time themselves to see how fast they can be a larger group into numerical order.

Go Fish

Go fish is the classic number identification game. Asking each other if they have a certain number is a great way to practice recognizing the different numbers and is a good game to help get kids ready for kindergarten.

Play with Patterns

Use the different suits, colors, or face cards to create math patterns. ABC, AABB, and ABAB are common math patterns young kids should be able to start to identify and complete.

Make Ten

The ability to make a ten out of numbers is a math skill that will help kids with addition and subtraction. Set out cards and have kids combine them to make as many tens as they can. Kindergarten students can use the graphics on the cards to help them check to see if they are correct.


War was the favorite game when my son was in kindergarten. His teacher had them playing against each other, her and even parents and the kids loved every second of it. Comparing number values helps kids develop number sense and sets them up for success with addition and subtraction and more.

Hi Low

Older kids who are beginning to add and subtract numbers can play a variation of War called Hi Low. Instead of turning over 1 card each player turns over 2 and adds them (or subtracts them). The player with the higher answer wins. Much more fun than doing addition facts on flashcards.