DIGITAL SAT PREP | August 2024 Test Prep

Apr 30, 2024 - Jun 30, 2024

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How it Works

  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: We start with an SAT skills assessment to determine the baseline of the skills necessary to be successful on the SAT.    
  • LOGIC & REASONING: Proprietary Mathnasium material, customized to the student's knowledge gaps, take them through the logic and reasoning needed to be successful on the standardized tests. Students start to adjust their thinking into an "SAT frame of mind".    
  • INSTRUCTION: Our course syllabus is continually updated, and incorporates the most recent test changes to provide students with a competitive edge.
  • Your student will have up to 28 hours of instruction and drilling of SAT-relevant material with problem types and strategies. Our program is suggested to be completed within 6 to 8 weeks.  It will finish on August 22nd, 2024.

  • HOURS OF INSTRUCTIONAll sessions are 2 hours blocks

    Monday 4 pm - 6 pm|   6 pm -8 pm
    Tuesday 4 pm - 6 pm|   6 pm -8 pm
    Wednesday 4 pm - 6 pm|   6 pm -8 pm
    Thursday 4 pm - 6 pm|   6 pm -8 pm
    Saturday10 am -12 pm

    Course Highlights:
    • Group of 3 students
    • Flexible schedule.
    • The program is 14 sessions of two hours each. 
    • Adults and experienced instructors.
    • Exclusive Mathnasium Assessment for SAT Test readiness.
    • Exclusive Techniques and Test Strategy.
    • Adaptive Curriculum that adjusts to student score level.
    • The psychology behind the test for those with stress and test anxiety.
    • Individualized program
    • Total of 3 - 4 Digital Practice Tests. Students will bring their own device with the new Bluebook installed.
    • Test practice is every week or as scheduled in your program.

  • EXAM PRACTICE: The SAT Practice Test is done at home or at the center using The Official SAT Study Guide and Bluebook from the Collegeboard. The student will report his/her answers to us and missed questions are reviewed with the instructor at the center, building the student's understanding of SAT-style questions.
  • Bluebook Testing App 

    Bluebook must be installed before test day. This digital testing application supports testing on Mac and Windows devices, iPads, and school-managed Chromebooks..

  • Fee $1850 | Register here