Learning Center Coronavirus Health and Safety Update

Mar 10, 2020 | Montclair
At Mathnasium, the well-being of our families is always our first priority. We are keeping up with the latest information on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and wanted to share some notes with you on how we are working to keep our center the safest place it can be for your children.
We are emphasizing hygiene standards for all students and staff and reinforcing the importance of proper handwashing procedures after sneezing, coughing, and using the bathroom. We are also implementing additional cleaning protocols with disinfectants for all communal surfaces. We have hand sanitizer available and encourage its use.
For any students exhibiting signs of a cold or the flu, we will be asking parents/guardians to take them home. If your child has symptoms, please wait until they've subsided before coming back to the center.
In addition to following the CDC's guidance, we will be monitoring the actions of schools in our area to make decisions on a daily basis that are right for our community.
We will continue to provide you with regular updates through email, facebook and website as this situation evolves. Please reach out to our center at any time if you have any concerns that we can address.
Other helpful local resources can be found here: