Math help in Katy - Reflections for 2018 from Center Director Sunny Dhamija

Dec 8, 2018 | Morton Ranch

Mathnasium of Morton Ranch, 6th December 2018

We opened our Math only learning Center in Morton Ranch, Katy on 6th August just before Back to School.  Since then we have welcomed a number of students from elementary, junior high, high school and home schools from Katy area. We have students primarily coming from zip codes 77493, 77449, 77084, 77094 and 77450.  

A number of people in Katy area who have been searching for Math help or a Math tutor to support their child's Math homework and/or to boost their grades or build more confidence have been really happy with us and most parents have seen their kid’s confidence soar within few months of their enrollment at Mathnasium.  We have a great mix of students who are trying to catch up in school and also kids who are bored in school and looking to be challenged to progress at a faster pace in their Math abilities.  

It has been heartening to see parents, grandparents, great grandparents, calling our Center to book a free assessment for their grade 2 to grade 12 students.  The children are very excited to come to the Center and interact and learn from our Mathnasium trained instructors, who make it their daily job to teach Math the way it makes sense to the kids. 

The Mathnasium membership starts with an assessment of the student's math abilities.  I have personally assessed all the students who have come to our Center!   It all starts with a conversation to ease the student and a Math conversation to evaluate the right assessment level to be administered to the student.  The idea is to evaluate correctly the starting point of their customized learning plan.  Just like a doctor's appointment, an assessment starts with a check-up and then the customized learning plan which has the right prescriptive for the child is presented and discussed with the parent, who then makes a decision to enroll the child to Mathnasium.  The assessment also gives me a great sneak preview into the learning styles of the child and what works and what does not work with the child, and these learnings are implemented as part of their customized learning plan. 

Mathnasium program is directly related with the grade level Math competencies of the child.  Mathnasium program also has a great focus on building the child's number sense and numerical fluency, by teaching reliable and efficient techniques to do Mental Math that increases the speed and accuracy of their Math. The child attends a one-hour sessions two to three times a week and like going to a gymnasium, the children who have attended Mathnasium regularly show improvement in their Math skills.  Children love coming for their Mathnasium session, as they are motivated to do more sheets of work and complete mastery checks, as they get one stamp for every worksheet they complete and get to spin the wheel to get more stamps on their reward card.  They can then redeem their reward card for getting prizes from the reward cabinet.

As I look back and reflect on the last four months, I can see some common areas where kids are looking for Math help or Math tutor in Katy area.  These areas are:

1. Fractions and Word Problems

2. Algebra

3. Geometry.

It is important for the parents/guardians to understand:

1. Why do kids struggle with Fractions?

2. Why do kids struggle with Algebra?

3. Why do kids struggle with Geometry?

I know a lot of parents, who themselves are great in Math but will struggle to teach their own children some topics in Math.  In some other cases, parents themselves are lacking Math knowledge.  It is proven fact that great Math skills in School will open a number of STEM job options for your children in the future.  Great Math skills and Mathnasium's early focus on Number sense and teaching efficient ways for better numerical fluency will help your child to do well in the college preparatory exams like PSAT, SAT and ACT.  Mathnasium also has great programs to support students to prepare for these college preparatory tests.   

Mathnasium of Morton Ranch has been getting great reviews from our students and parents.  Thank you to all the parents who have shared their excitement of the Math transformation that they have seen with their children.  I particularly find this testimonial video from a parent/teacher for her Mathnasium experience from another Center, as very reflective of the Mathnasium experience that every parent should expect if they were to enroll at the Mathnasium of Morton Ranch.  

Call us on 281-870-2440 or click here to book your child’s free Math assessment.  This holiday season give your child a gift of confidence in Math!

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Our Mission:  Help every child to understand—and master—math.  It will change their world.  Children need our care, our passion, our belief in their potential, and our devotion to helping them achieve it 

Mathansium of Morton Ranch helps children learn math and gain confidence!

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Thank you,

Sunny Dhamija

Owner and Center Director

Mathnasium of Morton Ranch