Teacher Appreciation Week 2024

May 1, 2024 | North Blue Valley

To All of Our Teachers, Thank You!

“Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.”
-Joyce Meyer

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is being celebrated from Monday, May 6th - Friday, May 10th. We work alongside our students’ teachers throughout the year to fill in gaps and provide support - and we couldn’t be more appreciative of their efforts. Let’s shower our teachers with all of the appreciation they can stand!

4 Small Ways to Show Your Appreciation

Write a Thank You Card or Letter to Your Child’s Favorite Teacher
This is a great activity for you and your child! Use our template or one of the thousands available online to create a Thank You Card and let your teacher know they’re appreciated. You might even consider reaching out to past teachers through email or Facebook!

Download Teacher Thank You Card

Bring a Small Gift to Your Child's Favorite Teacher
Whether it's a gift of school supplies, a special treat, or a handmade item, make a difference in a teacher's day by sending them a little treat. Don't have time to shop for teacher appreciation gifts? We're providing teacher goodie bags for all of our students' math teachers! Stop in and grab one during one of your sessions in the next two weeks!

Nominate your Child’s Favorite Teacher for an Award
During Teacher Appreciation Week, there are tons of opportunities to nominate teachers for awards, gift baskets, and more! Keep an eye out for opportunities leading up to and during Teacher Appreciation Week, and make sure to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to nominate your teacher for a special Mathnasium giveaway.

Nominate A K-12 Teacher To Win a Basket Full of Goodies

Tell Stories About Your Favorite Teacher
Hold a family story time and talk about your time in school - and the teachers who helped you succeed! Your kids will love to learn more about your childhood, and this can be a great bonding opportunity.

Students can also ask Mathnasium staff about their favorite teachers this week (or any week, we love to talk about them!) during their visits. We’ve shared a couple down below as well! ⬇️


"My favorite teacher is Tammy Higerd. She taught me for many different years in many different subjects during middle school and high school, but my favorite was definitely her history classes. She taught us to observe history using all 5 senses. We did crazy things like host medieval banquets, build castles, build Shakespeare stages, and went on awesome field trips. In 8th grade, she and her husband took a bunch of middle school students to travel the Oregon Trail for 4 days. On that trip, she encouraged us to dig into our imaginations and really experience history and how it impacts our lives today. She is the teacher that inspired me to become a teacher. While I'm no longer in the classroom, the lessons she taught me will stick with me forever. She definitely wasn't a fun and goofy teacher. In fact, she was one of the strictest teachers I've ever had, but that was because she knew she could set high expectations for us to meet. We all rose to the challenge and I am so thankful for the work she put into my classmates and me and making us great people.
-Mysti M., Center Director