ATTN: Incoming Freshmen - Get Ready for High School Math!

Jun 25, 2019 | Northwest Hills

Northwest Hills Back to School Bootcamp for Incoming High School Students

Going into High School feeling academically prepared will remove an enormous stressor from your teen as they transition schools. Take this summer to help them catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math with Mathnasium of Northwest Hills.


Take advantage of the flexibility of summer and come to Mathnasium for two to three 60 minute sessions per week to keep their minds active and ready for the 2019-2020 school year.


Preparedness is essential for High School math for many reasons:

1) GPA. From your student’s first math quiz, all the way to graduation, your students grades will follow them in the form of a GPA. Maintaining a high GPA, especially in math, is incredibly important for college applications.

2) SAT/ACT. Another requirement for major colleges and universities is that your student submit their SAT and/or ACT scores. These scores combined with their GPA will serve as a first impression to admission boards on how your student performs academically.

3) Diversity in Classes. Your student has a number of classes they can take in high school; Integrated Math (Algebra and Geometry combined), Statistics, Pre-Calculus and Calculus. Many of which can be AP classes for college credit. The common thread between all these classes are they build off of prerequisite skills from middle school.

4) Extra-Curriculars. A big part of your student's life for the next four years will be the activities they are involved in (sports, band, theater, art, clubs, volunteerism). These activities cut into homework and study time, so efficiency with math and time management is key.

5) Support System. Most parents can help with elementary and middle school homework, high school assignments are a whole other ballgame. Most classes use TI calculators that weren’t around when parents took the same courses, making it especially hard to get their work done and know it’s right. This makes it essential that your student have the skill set to be able to work fairly independently on any take home work.


If you don’t know if your student has a strong foundation from elementary and middle school, check out the benchmark skills below and schedule a no-risk diagnostic assessment at Mathnasium of Northwest Hills.


Benchmarks that Should be Mastered Entering High School:


  • Solving and Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities
  • Graphing Equations
  • Simplifying Radicals
  • Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
  • Prime Factorization
  • Rules of Exponents
  • Perimeter, Area, Circumference
  • Converting between Fractions, Decimals and Percents
  • Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Decimals and Fractions
  • Proportional Reasoning
  • Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Positive and Negative Integers
  • Multi-Step Word Problems
  • Distributive Properties
  • Greatest Common Factor (GCF) & Least Common Multiple (LCM)
  • Order of Operations aka PEMDAS
  • Divisibility Rules


Learn More About How Mathnasium Can Help!

To see how your student is performing and how Mathnasium of Northwest Hills can get them ready for High School, schedule a no-risk assessment! We will assess your student’s strengths and weaknesses in math compared to grade-level benchmarks and create a customized learning plan around their needs.



After your student completes their assessment, our Center Director will review their results with you and help enroll your child in one of our programs.