Tips for memorizing mathematical formulas

Apr 26, 2022 | Novi

Math is a branch of science that uses numbers and symbols. Math has found its applications in various technology, science, business, commerce, etc. So it is necessary to have basic knowledge of mathematics. Most students are afraid of math due to being bombarded with complicated problems every day when they do not thoroughly understand core concepts. But, math is not only limited to learning from textbooks. It is about solving and understanding problems. 


Here are a few simple tricks that will help you learn formulas faster!


Familiarize yourself with the formula in advance: Reading the upcoming topics in your textbook before going to school is a good idea. So that you will be more familiar with what is being discussed. These methods make formulas easier to learn and make it easier to memorize them in the future.


Use memory techniques: Connecting concepts to visual memory makes them easier to remember. Adding a visual to every concept you want to remember makes it easier to recall later. Try to imagine the number and letters in the formula as a story. Make a story for each formula. Example E=MC2. It could be that I went to a friend’s farm, picked up some EGGs, gave it to MOTHER, who COOKED it for us, just for the TWO of us.


Practice, practice, and practice: Implementing formulas in problems helps you remember how the formula influences how numbers change throughout an equation. Solve and practice problems using the formula, and you will see results in real-time! Memorization is the result of repetition. 


Understand the formula: Knowing the reason or process behind a certain formula makes it easier for us to remember it. If we understand what a formula does to an equation, we are better able to follow the process, and remember each step. 


Use different channels to learn the formula:

A great way to retain information is to write it over and over again. Muscle memory works for math concepts as well. Once you have a formula downloaded into your fingers, you will never forget it!


As silly as it sounds, yelling formulas can actually help you remember them! If you need to keep an inside voice, explaining the formulas to your family, friends, or teacher can also help you remember.


Watching videos related to what you are currently learning helps to remember it easier.



Remove distractions: Full concentration is required to memorize things, so avoid surfing the internet, listening to music, or messaging while studying. Many factors can distract you from learning. So it is best to remove all distractions and maintain concentration. Setting a fixed time only for studying will help you give a productive result.


Recall all math formulas before bedtime: Before you go to sleep, think about the formulas that you learned that day. When you think of that formula and go to sleep, your brain has better chances of remembering it. If you can remember it when you wake up in the morning, you know the information is locked in!


Stay healthy and get plenty of sleep: Taking enough rest and sleep may seem like a no-brainer, but far too many students opt for an “all-nighter” before a big test it’s a great way to get oxygen flowing to your brain and increase your learning capacity. Furthermore, you are less likely to suffer from stress-related illnesses, which may negatively impact your academic performance if you are fit and healthy.


Now that you have these smart tricks to learn, you can start using them to make this learning process more fun and efficient! Keep your brain relaxed, and you will be able to concentrate better and increase your productivity!