Mathnasium Summer: As Explained by the Incredibles!

May 7, 2018 | Oak Park/ River Forest

Article originally written by Mathnasium of La Jolla


We are on the brink of another school year coming to a close! This means more breathing room and a slower pace, but not a complete halt! Just as an athlete practices in the off-season, MATHletes need to stay in shape.


Rusty skills lead to a bad season, and who wants to go into their summer already worried about the "new year."


Our Summer Program is the perfect balance for your student and YOU! Our drop-in flexibility allows kids to fit in as much beach, pool, and play time as needed, while your student's math gaps or math enrichment gets worked in one hour at a time on the days that work for YOU!


We tailor a customized learning plan to account for the goals of the individual, whether they need to:

  • Close gaps

  • Improve fact fluency in addition/subtraction or multiplication

  • Improve problem solving

  • Get a sneak peak at the material they will face in the fall

  • Become "algebra ready" for their Integrated math course

  • Get ready for SAT/ACT tests

Come see what our program offers, how we can appropriately challenge your student and the strategy for moving your student mathematically forward. The customized curriculum is designed for your student based on a grade level assessment, so you truly know if they are sufficiently prepared for the new content headed their way ten weeks from now.


Our Summer Program begins the first Monday in June - June 4. We hope to see you soon to show you the difference Mathnasium can make for your family throughout the summer and beyond. Wishing you a summer full of fun, adventure, and learning!



Be Your Student's Superhero this Summer and Help them become INCREDIBLE at Math! 

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