Mathnasium Donut Day 9/8/22!

Aug 30, 2022 | Ocotillo

As a result of our students' collective hard work, they surpassed their goal of 200 mastery checks for the month of August and earned a Donut Day!

Next week, Mathnasium will have Duck Donuts for all students who attend on Thursday, September 8th. There are extra appointment slots available that day so that more students can get their well-deserved donut reward.

Mastery checks are like quizzes at the end of a topic where they show us how well they understand the skill. Most students finish about 3 mastery checks in a month, so our students went above and beyond to work hard and stay focused at Mathnasium.

Congratulate your student and make sure to bring them in on Thursday the 8th for a sweet reward!