Elementary Level Math Skills Your Child Should Master

May 10, 2023 | Plymouth

Because a math curriculum only continues to build on existing knowledge, it is important to set a solid foundation of basic skills throughout elementary school. If you are not sure what exactly your child should be learning in elementary math classes, here is an overview of the most essential subjects that should be covered.

Number Sense
Early elementary math is dedicated to educating children about numbers. Lessons are designed to help children visualize the meaning behind numbers and grasp the concept of larger figures in the hundreds, thousands, and millions. As these concepts are mastered, children will begin to work with whole numbers in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Fractions and Decimals
After children master basic arithmetic with whole numbers, they will start to explore fractions, decimals, and percentages. This type of problem solving is a skill that children will grow up to use every day in time management, financial planning, and simple daily transactions.

Negative Numbers
The subject of negative numbers begins to introduce more abstract ideas into the mathematical curriculum, so it may be an area where students begin to stumble on exams. Still, it is an integral part of math education, because negative numbers will come up frequently in pre-algebra and algebra when those subjects are introduced in middle school.

Problem Solving
A strong foundation of critical thinking is necessary for advanced mathematical problems. To start building these skills, elementary curriculum will include word problems that require students to put words into equations that can be solved with simple methods.

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