Is Mathnasium worth it? Mathnasium from a Mom's Perspective

Jul 9, 2023 | Raleigh Hills

Changing Lives Through Math:

My Daughter’s Mathnasium Experience

Is Mathnasium worth it?  See what this Portland area parent thinks as she chronicles her child’s journey through 3 years with Mathnasium; would you like to see these kinds of results for your child?


When she first came to us, her daughter was in 7th grade and had been put on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) at school.  She was told that she’ll never be able to graduate High School with a ‘normal’ diploma, and that she was just ‘one of those kids who will never be good at math’. 

We didn’t accept that conclusion, and neither did she! 

In just three years she went from an IEP to being at the top of her High School Math class.   The thing is, her experience is not unusual at Mathnasium – and in fact we have hundreds of stories just like this from kids all across the Portland area. 

What’s more, she achieved these results at a tiny fraction of the cost of what a full-time private education would cost.  We know how frustrating it is for Parents to see their kids struggle, especially in light of COVID-19.  Mathnasium has your back, we get results, with what we believe to be the greatest value available in education, anywhere.   


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Comments from a Portland-area parent to Mathnasium, over the course of 3 years

(7th grader initially assessed as being at 1st grade level)

After Month 1:

My child is making progress and feels good about going to Mathnasium. She recently was able to raise her hand in class and give the correct answer when others did not. It made her feel good and I feel that this is the result of her work at Mathnasium.

After Month 5:

Mathnasium is a welcoming place with a well trained staff who know how to instill difficult concepts. My child’s self esteem has risen greatly because she is better at math. And, as a mother, I know that not only has her ability at school has increased, but her life skills have been enhanced.

After Month 9:

Since attending Mathnasium my child has gone from a D grade in Math to a B. Am I happy? Ya, you betcha.

After 1 year:

My child has been with Mathnasium for a little over a year. She has progressed 3 grade levels in that time and got a "B" in her general math class at the end of this year. She still has far to go and she will continue at Mathnasium not only because of the progress she has made but because the staff is positive, caring and knowledgeable.

After 16 months:

We are very happy about My child's growth at Mathnasium. It has not only improved her ability in math, but (is also) increasing her self confidence and self esteem. She has improved 4 grade levels in the past year so that now her foundation is solid.

After 19 months:

We are very pleased with Mathnasium. It has improved my child's math skills as well as her self esteem. She has gone up several grade levels in the past year and a half. The instructors give clear explanations and are caring. Not only do I like Mathnasium, but SHE likes it - and that is big.

After 2 years:

My child's math skills and love of learning have improved significantly since starting Mathnasium. As a result, her self esteem and confidence have been boosted. She is doing well and we are very happy and recommend this program to all who are struggling or just want to improve math skills.

After 2 years, 6 months (middle of Freshman year, High School):

Once again I am happy to recommend Mathnasium. My daughter struggled for several years and since attending Mathnasium is blossoming in math.

My child went from a C- or D+ to an A-. I am very pleased with the results.

After 3 years (Sophomore year, High School):

You have helped my child succeed in school whereas before she was struggling. Her attitude toward learning and her self-esteem have gone up so very much.

Thank You Mathnasium!