Get State funding for tuition Intervention support

Aug 16, 2022 | Round Rock

#Texas funding for Intervention Allow us to help your family If your student is severely behind in MATH, you may qualify for state funding. We can provide our assessment result for you to work with school/campus leaders.

Here is a description of the program

Approved during the last legislative session, House Bill 4545 (HB 4545) requires campuses to provide 30 hours of intervention to support academic and STAAR/EOC score improvement for all students who do not receive a passing score on the STAAR/EOC tests. Intervention may be provided through summer learning, outside-of- school tutoring, or intervention during the school day. For secondary students, it’s important to note that intervention that takes place during the school day may result in the loss of an elective in order to accommodate the additional time needed for support.

Campus leaders are in the process of contacting parents and guardians of eligible students to schedule meetings and discuss next steps.

Schedule a Diagnostic assessment with us , it costs $99 we will share a detailed report and learning plan to demonstrate progress and competency in 30 classes.


What is “STAAR 30”?

If your child is a 3rd-8th grader that needs supplemental instruction under HB 4545, you may have heard the term “STAAR 30.” "STAAR 30" is a reference to both the assessment name and the number of hours of supplemental instruction that HB 4545 requires for students who receive a “did not meet grade level” score for a subject on the STAAR assessment. The law requires that a student document 30 hours of supplemental learning, and that supplemental learning must meet specific requirements. According to the FAQ issued with HB 4545, these requirements include the following:

  • Includes targeted instruction in the essential knowledge and skills for the applicable grade levels and subject area
  • Is provided in addition to instruction normally provided to students in the grade level in which the student is enrolled
  • Is provided for no less than 30 total hours during the subsequent summer or school year and, unless the instruction is provided fully during summer, include instruction no less than once per week during the school year
  • Is designed to assist the student in achieving satisfactory performance in the applicable grade level and subject area
  • includes effective instructional materials designed for supplemental instruction
  • Is provided to a student individually or in a group of no more than three students, unless the parent or guardian of each student in the group authorizes a larger group
  • Is provided by a person with training in the applicable instructional materials for the supplemental instruction and under the oversight of the school district; and
  • To the extent possible, is provided by one person for the entirety of the student’s supplemental instruction period.