Our Top 3 Tips to Avoid Learning Loss This Summer!

Jun 13, 2024 | Sayreville

Did you know students typically lose 2-3 months of math skills over summer? It’s an unfortunate phenomenon called the summer slide, but there’s good news: it can be beat!

Here are our top 3 tips to keep the learning gears turning this summer:

  1. Math Magic Everywhere: Whether it’s calculating lemonade stand profits or playing with baking measurements, try to sneak math lessons into everyday fun. Bonus hack: Online learning games and educational apps are the perfect brainy entertainment for long flights or road trips!
  2. Summer Routine Remix: Set aside specific times during the day for learning, like solving brain-teaser puzzles or trying one of these pool-side math activities. Structure and consistency are key!
  3. Adventure Awaits: Consider enrolling your child in a summer enrichment program. Mathnasium offers engaging sessions both in-person and online, to ensure your student stays on track!

The sooner your student gets started at Mathnasium, the less the "summer slide" will become an issue. So book your free assessment today!