5 Math Resolutions for Kids

Jan 5, 2023 | Schertz

Many people have ambitious goals for the new year when it comes to health and fitness, but it’s just as important for children to improve mental acuity as it is to stay physically fit, especially when their brains are still developing. Mathnasium gives them the solid math and critical thinking skills they need for their classes, test prep, graduation, and beyond.

The New Year is a great time to have your child evaluate themselves and their school year and set goals for a fresh start. If you're looking to use the New Year as an opportunity to set math-focused goals, here are some areas to focus on.


  1. Ask at least one question a week in math class. It’s OK to raise your hand and speak up if you don’t understand something. Chances are someone else in the class has the same question!

  2. Do your math homework first. You probably have homework in multiple subjects, and if math is something you struggle with, you might be tempted to put it off. Doing math homework first, while your brain is fresh, will give you better results than waiting until you’re tired.

  3. When you’ve completed a math assignment (or if you have time at the end of a test), take just a few minutes to double-check your answers. You’ll be surprised how often a wrong answer is actually the result of a simple calculation mistake.

  4. Read a book that includes math. A good book is a painless way to soak up some math. Here’s a great list of 30 fun math books for all ages. There’s sure to be at least one you’ll love!

  5. Join a math club or participate in a math competition. Taking math out of the classroom and into the social realm is a great way to make math fun and to become better at it!