Accelerate Your Math Skills This Year

Sep 3, 2018 | Schertz


This school year will bring many new challenges for your children as they get used to more difficult work in all their classes. Math builds on last years concepts so if they has some trouble, chances are that they will continue to struggle this year.


Many children simply aren’t ready to pick up where they left off.


Catch Up.

The start of a new school year comes with an adjustment period as students ease back into their academic routines. Unfortunately, this often comes with the realization that they’re a bit rusty in certain subjects—none more so than math. Kids who spent the summer without engaging in math activities may need some extra time and help to build their math muscles back up. For many, this can result in poor performance in the early part of the academic year. Left unchecked, these setbacks do add up.


Keep Up & Get Ahead!

Fortunately, the beginning of the school year and the early fall months present a valuable opportunity for students to start working toward this year’s math goals before they feel the full brunt of academic pressures and deadlines. This is an ideal time for parents to understand where their kids stand in math. For children, incorporating additional math work sooner rather than later helps warm up their math muscles and recall important concepts from the prior year.


How Mathnasium Makes Math Make Sense

What is Mathnasium?
Mathnasium provides students with customized programs that, with two or three hours per week of study, can shake off the fog of summer and prepare kids for the challenges that lie ahead. Starting a structured program and pinpointing problem areas before math struggles get out of hand can help set the tone for students to develop a more positive relationship with math and embrace opportunities for learning that lie ahead.


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