Math and Cooking: The Most Delicious Pair

Oct 5, 2022 | Schertz

Want to find a way for your children to sharpen their math skills and apply what they have learned in a real world situation? Get your kids to cook and bake with you in the kitchen and use it as a teaching tool. Baking and cooking are full of important math skills and with these easy ideas you can incorporate learning into all types of cooking.

From fractions to conversions, shapes, telling time, doubling a recipe and more, these easy math ideas through baking are great for ALL ages!

For young children, getting them in the kitchen to bake or cook with you is about identifying shapes and practicing early counting. You can point out the shapes of baked goods, the shape of objects, and how to turn one shape into another. And for counting, your children can count the numbers of cookies in a batch, and the number of ingredients needed for a recipe.

Another large part of baking is measuring out ingredients; baking is a science and things need to be exact. A child’s age will determine what sorts of weighing and measuring you can teach, but it’s never too early to get them in the kitchen and introduce them to the idea. As they get older, you can move onto conversions.

Fractions are also a HUGE part of baking. From just choosing the right measuring cup to comparing the sizes and then later, doubling and converting, fractions are a huge part of math AND baking.