This Slimy Substance has Math at its Core

Jul 29, 2021 | Schertz

This month we’ve discussed reasons to study math, the career doors that studying math can open, and we’ve highlighted two individuals who’s cool jobs deal with math skills on a daily basis, and today for the final blog post of the month we’re going to bring back an odd job that also, of course, surprisingly revolves around math. 


Scott Heger’s company, Blair Adhesives, makes hundreds of different products, but there’s one product in particular that stands out among the rest… SLIME. 


If you’ve watched Nickelodeon’s “Kids’ Choice Awards,” then you’ve seen Heger’s products in action. He usually goes on set to give advice on how to use the product, sometimes tens of thousands of gallons are required. 


Heger says that the production process, as well as the rest of his business, is heavily reliant on math. Always strong in math, he is excited about the critical role that it plays in his company’s success. His ability to do mental math, including adding three-digit numbers in his head, comes in very handy. “As a salesman who goes out in the field, I need to calculate prices all the time, and being able to do it quickly serves me well. I rarely use a calculator at all,” he said.


He stated, “I use my math skills all day long, and any business owner should, or he has to pay for someone else to use math all day long, because that’s what makes a business function. Any business is a numbers business. It can only succeed with a ‘numbers guy’ somewhere involved in it.”

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