Corona virus Update

Mar 20, 2020 | Sharyland


Corona Virus Update

Mar 17, 2020

Area schools will be closed March 16-20 but we'll remain open to serve our students. We're determined to prevent this extended time away from school from causing students to regress in their math education.

At Mathnasium of Sharyland, the safety of your students and our instructors is a top priority. Our small gathering size and small instructor to student ratio helps ensure a clean, safe and well-monitored learning environment for your student.

The following best practices are what we will deliver every day.

• Sanitizing work areas and tutoring materials after each student session.
• Intermittent and nightly deep cleaning of restrooms, parent areas, and high-traffic areas.
• Instructors are always instructed to never come to work if they experience fever or any other general symptoms of sickness and we encourage parents to take note of any possible sickness in their children.
• Staff and students are expected to wash their hands and sanitize as needed.
• As best we can, we will maximize the distance between students.
• The use of the water cooler will be limited.
• During this period, we will not be using teaching manipulatives or games.
• Students will be given a sanitized pencil, 
• We are asking customers not to use the parent waiting area but instead, guardians are asked to drop-off and pick-up only
What can you do to ensure a healthy environment?

• Please follow the guidelines being set out by the CDC.…/2019-ncov/travelers/index.html
• If your student is experiencing any symptoms of illness, please keep them home.

What is happening in the near future?

• While the coronavirus is with us.  We will limit the number of people in the center.  We will soon be scheduling session and will be moving to scheduling for all visits. Students enrolled in our regular program are still recommended to come 2 scheduled visits per week.

We will be moving some students to the Mathnasium at home platform by the end of the month. 

As always, we remain committed to our students, parents, instructors and the local community. It is an honor to be serving your family!