Why Mathnasium Students Have an Edge at School

Feb 15, 2022 | Shelby Macomb


It's no secret that students who attend Mathnasium see improvement in their grades at school. That's because when lessons from school are reinforced by Mathnasium instructors, students get another round of examples and support. 

Average class sizes are 23.3 students to 1 teacher. Imagine 23 different kids, all learning math from different starting points, at different speeds, and all having unique learning styles. It's no wonder that many parents decide to outsource extra math help by enrolling their children in Mathnasium of Shelby Macomb.

Are you ready to give your child an advantage in math? Come see us at 45935 Hayes. We can supplement the learning done at school to give your child the upper hand they need to completely master math concepts. We've been helping kids, just like yours for 10 years. Our director, Andrea Marble will be glad to show you around the facility and introduce you to our fabulous Mathnasium instructors. Sign up today for a Free Assessment!