4 Careers That Involve Using Your Algebra Skills

Feb 6, 2019 | Smyrna

Many students are introduced to complex math skills like algebra in middle school and build on these concepts throughout high school, college or trade school, and their career. As such, if your child struggles with these skills, it’s critical that they receive algebra help. However, they might wonder when they’ll actually use math in the real world. To answer this question, the following guide highlights a few popular careers that require complex math.

Why Algebra Help Is Important: 4 Careers That Require This Skill

1. Computer Scientist

For students who want to develop the next Google, Facebook, or other enhanced software programs, algebra skills will be incredibly important. Computer scientists require math skills, as these professionals use algebra to create algorithms or in the computation of implementing software systems.

2. Chef

algebra helpWhen it comes to preparing food and serving dinners, arithmetic plays a critical role for most chefs. To be successful, chefs not only need to know basic arithmetic operations, but they also need to have a good understanding of decimals and fractions. Altering and converting recipes requires a healthy dose of proportional reasoning and problem-solving skills. Algebra skills are also particularly important for those who double as the restaurant owner to run a successful business.

3. Architect

Though it might seem like designing and creating building plans is a form of art, it requires strong skills in math. Professionals will need to know the length, height, and width of building components, like doors and windows, in relation to the walls themselves. In addition, complex design elements, such as arches, awnings, and columns, will require algebra skills to ensure the building can support them. Algebra, geometry, and trigonometry are prerequisites for calculus, which is required to complete a degree program in architecture.

4. Doctors & Nurses

On a daily basis, medical professionals fill prescriptions, administer drugs, and detect potential illnesses with the use of algebra. Cardiologists, for example, must calculate the volume of blood the heart can pump from oxygen and heart rate measurements. In addition, finding the right medication dosage often requires algebra skills. Computerized tomography scans are another area where a higher level of mathematics is required. 


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