Mathnasium of South Barrington Explains Why Having Math Skills is SO Helpful

Sep 15, 2023 | South Barrington

Q: Tell me about a time when having math skills came in handy

A: The first time Ms. Alisha went to a restaurant with a group of friends and had to figure out how much of a tip to leave all by herself!

Q: Tell me about a memory you have of learning math

A: Mr. Jordan learned the number 3 times table by watching Schoolhouse Rock, and he still sings it to himself when he's counting by 3's sometimes, LOL!

Q: What are some of the benefits of the Mathnasium Method?

A: There are a variety of strategies that make it easy for students to pick the best approach for them!

Q: What could Mathnasium have helped you with when you were a student?

A: Percentages were a challenge to figure out for Mr. Christian, but when he started working at Mathnasium and learned how to teach it to the students, it changed the way he figures them out! He learned a lot of tips and tricks to make math easier for himself, too!

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