Challenge Your Advanced Math Student at Mathnasium

Dec 9, 2021 | South Pasadena

Advanced student

Is your child a gifted mathematician? (hooray!) Sometimes, the regular school curriculum doesn't challenge advanced math students enough. When that is the case, Mathnasium of South Pasadena is happy to pick up the slack. 

The Mathnasium Method meets students at their level (whether it's above, on, or below grade average). We begin teaching and challenging our students right where they are, encouraging elite math students to new heights just as we help struggling math students get up to speed. 

A recent publication, Gifted Child Today, explains "Whether math problems require computation skills, problem-solving strategies, inferential thinking skills, or deductive reasoning, mathematically talented students are often able to discern answers with unusual speed and accuracy." If this sounds like your student, then bring her/him into Mathnasium to keep them engaged with math, not bored by it. 

Keeping advanced math students focused and flourishing is just what we do at Mathnasium of South Pasadena. Our instructors are passionate about math and love to share their interest with like-minded students. Come see the difference Mathnasium can make for your child! Visit us at 1109 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030 where you can meet our director, Nathan Lee. 

We've been challenging advanced math students for 12 years. We hope your student is next! Sign up now for Two Free Trials including a Risk Free Assessment!