South Pasadena Math Student of the Year - Ricky Luo

Jul 15, 2018 | South Pasadena

Outstanding achievement in mathematics was recognized at the 31st annual South Pasadena Middle School Open House Awards ceremony on May 23. Eighth grader Ricky Luo was presented as Mathematician of the Year. He led the South Pasadena Tiger Cub team in 10 local, state, and national events. The SPMS math team recently completed a very successful year. SPMS 6th and 7th graders received Top Team recognition at the 33rd Los Angeles County Math Field Day. The team ranked among the best in the state and nation in many events noted below.

The United States Math Olympiad Committee sent a Commendation of Distinction to Luo and 8th graders Edward Zhou and Lev Tumaykin for ranking in the top 1% in the AMC8 math competition. Sequoia Ding was sent a Certificate of Honor for excellence among 6th graders taking the 8th grade exam. More information is available at

Rocket City Math challenges students with three rounds of problem solving. The 7th graders ranked 2nd in the country, and the 8th graders were 3rd. Eighth grader Chanyu Kim tied for 1st in the nation, and his teammates Noah Kuhn and Luo were among the top ten scoring individuals nationally. Details are available at SPMS 8th graders ranked sixth in the state in the California Math League while the 7th graders were 10th overall. Sixth grader Sequoia Ding ranked 5th in the state. Full details are available at:


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