Fall: The Perfect Season to Fall in Love with Math

Oct 7, 2021 | Stone Oak

Math should be fun, and these fall activities turned math activities for children make it super fun! We need to make math exciting because for whatever reason, kids are getting the message that math is hard well before they should be. 

  1. Play a game of football and have your little ones keep the score.
  2. Go for a hike. Have your students look at the map and plot their course as well as the time they think it’ll take them to finish. 
  3. Collect colorful fall leaves. Get your kids to divide the leaves by color and ask them how many leaves are in each divided color pile. 
  4. Head to the farmers market. Tell your kids that they’ll be in charge of handling the payment.
  5. Carve your own pumpkins. Have your children draw the shapes they want to feature on their pumpkin on a piece of paper and help them execute it! 

Enjoy the beautiful weather and celebrate fall in a math-y way, before you know it your kids will love math!

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