Camp Mathnasium

Feb 21, 2024 - Aug 9, 2024
Camp Mathnasium

Students who are new for the summer will complete an assessment and we will design a custom Learning Plan. For students already enrolled, they will work on their existing Learning Plan. All students will receive the acclaimed Mathnasium instruction delivered one on one with your child in a fun, meaningful way.

The second hour will be a STEAM activity to educate and entertain your child. The third hour will be for games of strategy. See our list of scheduled activities below.

For more information or to sign up:

Call 636-812-MATH

Email: [email protected]

List of activities:

Week of June 10

Monday 6/10/24          Sudoku Students will learn what Sudoku puzzles are and how to solve them using the process of elimination and logic and then to be challenged with Killer Sudoku, a variant of Sudoku which involves arithmetic along with regular Sudoku logic to solve the puzzles.

Wednesday 6/12/24    Expected Value Students will engage in a variety of game experiments to help them understand what to expect in terms of a gain or a loss.

Friday 6/14/24             Financial Literacy I  Students will learn the basics of financial literacy. What are the best ways to keep track of your money? How do you budget money so that you can buy what you want and need? And in what ways can the bank get involved in your financial success?

Week of June 17

Monday 6/17/24          Geoboards      Students will engage in an activity designed to improve their spatial awareness. They will work on creating both well-defined and abstract shapes, and they will look into the properties of these shapes. This will lead to looking into sample spaces and the geometric probability of various scenarios.

Wednesday 6/19/24    Gumdrop Structures               Students will explore the strength of 2D and 3D shapes. Then, students will construct a bridge using toothpicks and gumdrops to support as many pennies as possible.

Friday 6/21/24               Measuring the Body Students will learn how to measure their body lengths using different body parts, such as how many “heads” tall are they. Students will also learn about the ratios of the body and determine which parts of their body are the same length.

Week of June 24

Monday 6/24/24          Ciphers and Cryptography Students will learn the basics of cryptography by learning how to encrypt and decrypt messages using three different ciphers: the Pigpen Cipher, the Caesar Cipher, and the Vigenère Cipher.

Wednesday 6/26/24    Experimental and Theoretical Probability   Students will engage in a two-player game of chance to explore the concepts of experimental and theoretical probability.

Friday 6/28/24               Tangrams         Students will use tangrams to build spatial awareness. This activity includes five mini tangram activities to choose from, which are: Tangram Pictures, Geometric Figures, Making a Square, Creating Your Own, and a Take-Home Activity.

Week of July 1

Monday 7/1/24              Tessellation Art Students will learn about regular tessellations and will apply translational, rotational, and reflective symmetry to create tessellation art of their own.

Wednesday 7/3/24      Financial Literacy II In this activity, students will test their financial knowledge and skills in a simulation of the real-world marketplace. This includes earning money, savvy shopping, budgeting, and monitoring bank accounts and lines of credit. (note: students must complete Financial Literacy I in order to participate in this activity)

Friday 7/5/24                  No Session – Closed for Independence Day weekend

Week of July 8

Monday 7/8/24              Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower Challenge Students will construct a tower as tall as possible only using spaghetti and tape. Tallest tower wins!

Wednesday 7/10/24     Euler Paths and Graphs  Students will be challenged to draw images without lifting their pencils or going over the same line twice. By the end, students will be able to determine a method to figure out how to draw the shapes.

Friday 7/12/24               Build a House for Ace Students will be given materials and an incomplete set of instructions to create a house for Ace, plus a completed example. They will use their rulers and reasoning skills to figure out what the missing measurements and instructions should be.

Week of July 15

Monday 7/15/24           Puzzle Room I Students will work together to investigate for clues, decrypt secret messages, solve puzzles, and engage in creative problem solving and proactive solutions.

Wednesday 7/17/24   Slime Students will adjust the ratios in a recipe for slime and make predictions throughout the process of how the added ingredients will affect their slime’s color or consistency.

Friday 7/19/24               Penny Boat Students will construct a boat out of aluminum foil to float as many pennies as possible. Students will explore how the shape of a boat affects its buoyancy and how strategic, careful placement of pennies also makes a difference.

Week of July 22

Monday 7/22/24           Game Theory Students will learn about basic game theory and become aware of strategy through playing the games Nim and Tic-Tac-Toe. In Nim, students will use counting, logic, and multiples to strategize ways to win. In Tic-Tac-Toe, students will use game trees, logic, and transformations to strategize ways to win.

Wednesday 7/24/24    Maze Coding - Students will learn the building blocks of coding as they program “robots” to navigate through a maze. Students will act as “programmers” and “robots” as they write, run, and debug their code, and students at higher levels will explore the usefulness of functions in speeding up the coding process.

Friday 7/26/24              Data Analysis  and Representation Students will run various experiments to obtain data while certain conditions are in place. They will then explore their findings using pictographs and bar graphs, as well as looking into mean, median, and mode. The goal of this activity is for students to use the data they obtained to make reasonable conclusions through data analysis.

Week of July 29

Monday 7/29/24          Mathematical Art Students will explore math concepts within one of three styles of art: geometric figures and cubism, symmetry, or pointillism.

Wednesday 7/31/24   Origami Students will create “Sonobe Units,” which are one of the building blocks of modular origami. They will then use these to create 3D shapes such as a cube and bipyramid.

Friday 8/2/24                Pigment of Your Imagination Students will explore color theory in this activity and learn the number of colors necessary to color in a map of any size or shape. Students will then create a work of art with their newfound knowledge.

Week of August 5

Monday 8/5/24             DE-CONSTRUCTION Students will see what is inside computers and other electronics by safely opening them up using proper tools and safety habits. Students will learn how things work and how they go together.

Wednesday 8/7/24      Puzzle Room II Students will work together to investigate for clues, decrypt secret messages, solve puzzles, and engage in creative problem solving and proactive solutions.

Friday 8/9/24                 Building a Kite Students will build a pyramid kite from scratch using tissue paper, straws, and string. Younger students will need kite templates premade and help tying knots, while older students will create their own templates and build the entire kite themselves.