Mathnasium COVID-19 in center precautions

May 10, 2020 | St. Peter's North

We take the safety of our instructors and students very seriously. Our staff is being cautious and trying to stay away from situations that might exposue them to the virus. We will not come in if we are exposed or not feeling well. We request the same from the students and parents. We encourage all families to not attend in center instruction if they are hesitant or would feel more comfortable with the @HOME instruction.

With Mathnasium@HOME running so effectively, we will close the center and only offer @HOME instruction if staff illnesses occur or if the infection rate in St Peters or St Charles County reaches a high level,

While we are offering in center instruction during the COVID outbreak, we have the following protocols:

  • We ask that all students and instructors not attend in center if they are not feeling well or have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus (or any other communicable medical issue)
  • Students and instructors should immediately wash hands when entering the center and when leaving the center. Students should not be touching any "common" items except door handles and restroom facilities, which are wiped down several times per day by bleach cleaner or Lysol/Chlorox type products.
  • Instructors will handle the check in tablets and the binders . Students will use an assigned and pre-sterilized pencil and will be handed their paperwork for the day.
  • The tables are arranged for social distancing. The tables and chairs are sanitized before and efter every use.
  • Facemaks may be worn by students or instructors but are not required at this timeĀ 

These protocols may be modified at any time as the needs change.