December, 2017 Student Achievements

Jan 4, 2018 | The Woodlands

Congratulations to our students for their outstanding school results in December!

Henry Bachrach 100 Addition and Subtraction Quiz
Henry Bachrach A+ in Subtraction 
Moyo Bakare 95% Multiplication Quiz
Alexandra Bespaly 100% Math Benchmark
Abigail Bishai 93% Math Benchmark
Abigail Bishai 100% Acute, obtuse and right angles
Anastasia Bishai 100% Pythagorean Theorem
Anastasia Bishai 92% Scatterplots
Ella Cho 100% Division
Jacob Daniels 100% Equations
Amber Garner 100% Solving for unknown numbers for triangles
Colin Glaze 100% Fact Fluency
Colin Glaze 88% Math Review
Colin Glaze 96% Interim Test
Colin Glaze 96% Fact Fluency
Colin  Glaze 100% Math Quiz
Destiny Heshmati 100% Algebra Test
Eve Higgins 100% Math Test
Eve Higgins 77% Multiplication Test
Eve  Higgins 99% Math Test
Ella Howard 92% Decimals, Division and Multiplication
Samira Ibrahim 100% 2-Step Equations
Zahid Khan 90% Scatter Plots
Joshua Kolade 100% Addition with regrouping
Alejandro Lazalde 100% Positive and Negative Fractions
Stacy Love 100% Scatterplot Equations
Stacy Love 99% Simultaneous Equations
Arnav Nair 93% Solving Systems of Inequalities
Arnav Nair 96% Graphing inequalities and systmes of equations
Neha Nair 102% Fractions
Neha Nair 98% Fractions
Tayton Robinson 100% Word Problems
Ella Scott 93% Math Benchmark
Ethan  Scott 96% Algebra Midterm Exam
Diane Shearer 90% Unit Rates
Brahmani Siddamreddy 83% Geometry Quiz
Brahmani Siddamreddy 81% Lines of Symmetry
Brahmani Siddamreddy 80% Measuring Angles
Brahmani Siddamreddy 93% Math Review
Kelly Spencer 89% Math Benchmark
Cassidy Valles 95% Fractions
Faizan Zameer 100% Weekly Multiplication Test
Faizan Zameer 100% Algebra Test
Faizan Zameer 100% Unit Test
Faizan Zameer 100% Math Benchmark
Faizan  Zameer 100% Multiplication and Division Test