January Student Achievements

Jan 29, 2018 | The Woodlands

Congratualtions to our students and their achievements in January, 2018! The new year is off to a great start!

Ashvith Dudala 85% Angles
Faizan Zameer 100% Fractions
Ashton Heshmati 99% Division
Arnav Nair 95% Semester Final
Arnav Nair 88% Radicals and Exponents
Neha Nair 100% Multiplying ad dividing fractions
Odette Bañuelos 63% Computation (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
Colin Glaze 90% Division review
Colin Glaze 100% Division test
Colin Glaze 100% Fact Fluency
Jacob Daniels 109% Equations and Inequalities
Stacy Love 510 on Math PSAT
Olivia Cupp 100% Equivalent Fractions
Olivia Cupp 100% Simplifying Fractions
Yukti Vivek 91% Math Test
Yukti Vivek 95% Dividing Decimals
Nishant Palasamudram 100% Math test
Zaid Khan 95% Exponent Rules
Karol Aguilar-Valerdi 95% Integers
Ashvith Dudala 90% Transversals and Angles Quiz
Densley Quashie 100% Test on Angles
Anthony Psyllos 96% Area and perimeter
Maddy Welch 109% Math Final
Colin Glaze 90% Division quiz
Oliver Hazos 100% Addition
Alexandra Petersen 99% Pythagorean Theorem
Brahamani Siddamreddy 95% Math Review
Brahamani Siddamreddy 80% Multi digit Multiplication
Shreyas Yenetti 97% Report Card Math Grade
Kelly Spencer 89% Report Card Math Grade
Eve Higgins 96% Compatible Numbers
Brahamani Siddamreddy 92% Progress Report
Ninette Sokhon 90% Interior and Exterior Angles 
Harish Sakthi 100% Algebra Test
Brahamani Siddamreddy 92% Multi digit multiplication
Alexandra Malinoski 90% Sales Tax
Ella Cho 95% Math Review
Emmy Sampson 95% Math Test