Our Student's March Math Achievements

Apr 2, 2017 | The Woodlands

Congratulations to our students for their math achievements in March! Great work!

Sofia Almanza 86% Math Benchmark
Sofia Almanza 95% Surface area and Volume
Timmy Bakare 90% Volume of Prisms
Raamesh Balabhadrapatruni 97%  Customary and Metric Measurements
Sylvanna Bello 103% Transformations
Abigail Bishai 94% March Report Card - Math
Abigail Bishai 87% 2-D Shapes
Aubrey Cantrell 93% Report Card
Davonna Carter 92% Addition
Bella Chavez 100% Decimal, Fractions, Percent
Aubrey Cohen 100% Multiplying Decimal Test
Amrit  Dhamija 100% Subtraction with regrouping
Raihaan Girish 95% Geometry
Adrian Gonzalez 83% Geometry
Destiny Heshmaty 100% Linear Equations
Olivia Jackson 100% Dividing Decimals
Claire  Jones 100% Math Benchmark!
Sana Khan 98% Simple/ Compound Interest
Zubair Khan 95% Math test
Madhav  Kotecha 93% Equations with two variables
Yiani  Koymarianos A on Measuring
Hudson Kulis 99% Math Assessment
Harrison Kulis 91% Fractions
Hudson Kulis 84% Measuring
Marrisa Larimore 90% Area/ Volume
Alejandro Lazalde 95% Geometry
Ryan Manganello 94% Mean absolute deviation
Meghana Matteguta 100% on Money test
Meghana Matteguta 92% Math Benchmark
Neha Nair 100% Computation
Neha Nair 100% Long Division
Ksenia Nation 95% Math Benchmark
Ksenia Nation 100% Math Review
Nishant Palasamundram 102% Area of Triangles and rectangular Prisms
Sara Peavy 100% March Reprot Card
Sara  Peavy 100% Multiplication and Division
Lisa Pinto 100% Math Quiz
Dylan Robertson 100% Math Quiz
Dylan Robertson 96% Addition and subtraction
Dylan Robertson 100% Addition and Subtraction
Dylan Robertson 95% Telling Time
Dylan Robertson 95% Pictographs
Dylan Robertson 93% Graphs
Harish Sakthi 100% Dilations, Rotations, Reflections
Rashiv Salooja 93% DCC
Sanjan Sarang 93% Division
Samantha Sardina 95% Systems of Linear Equations
Ella Scott 93% Benchmark
Ella Scott 100% Time
Avery Sims 94% Geometry
Vincent  Sokhon` 92% Geometry
Amelia Sosa 90% Geometry
Vishal Subramanian 100% system of Equations
Vishal Subramanian 94% Inequalities
Jacob Sutton 103% Pythogorean Theorem
Parsa Tchamanzar 104% Ratio, Rates and Proportions
Cassidy Valles 93% Shapes
Lilia Warner 80% Simple/ Compound Interest
Lilia Warner 90% Math Review
Lilia Warner 80% Dialations, Rotations
Maddy Welch 92% Area and Volume
Trevon Wolfe 80% Angles
Sydney Woodfin 88% Math test