Our Students' April Math Achievements

May 2, 2017 | The Woodlands

Congratulations to our students for their math achievements in April! Great work!

Sofia Almanza 100% Equations
Elizabeth Bachrach 100% Math Benchmark
Raamesh Balabhadrapatruni 100% STAAR Test
Raamesh Balabhadrapatruni 100% Fact Check
Petra Beatty 85% Perimeter and area
Sylvanna Bello 100% System of Equations
Sylvanna Bello 98% STAAR Test
Abby Bishai 91% Math Benchmark
Abby Bishai 100% Area and Perimeter
Abby Bishai 90% Area and Perimeter
Abby Bishai 94% Area and perimeter
Abby Bishai 96% 2-D Shapes
Ana  Bishai 98% Mean, median, mode
Sean  Bivens 95% Integers
Bella Chavez 100% Coordinate planes
Bella Chavez 91% STAAR Test
Clay Cole 80% Quadratics
Audrey Conley 88% Box and Whisker Plots
Audrey Conley 97% Inter Quartile Range
Audrey Conley 100% Inter-quartile range
Simone Dupuis 100% Math Benchmark
Austin Gosling 100% Bar Graphs
Austin Gosling 90% Stem and Leaf plots
Austin Gosling 90% Dot Plot
Samuel Grimes 96% Division
Emma Hernadi 100% Triangles
Ashton Heshmati 100% Multiplication
Ella Howard 100% Math Test
Emily Ingraham 91% Decimals and Fractions
Claire J. 100% Integers
Claire J. 100% STAAR Test
Cade Kaiser 100% 2-D and 3-D Geometry
Zubair Khan 100% Mixed review
Hudson Kulis 100% Math Assessment 
Alejandro Lazalde 100% Financial Literacy
Alejandro Lazalde 96% math Benchmark
Jonothan Lee 95% Probability
Meghana Mattegata 94% Math STAAR
Neha Nair 91% Math Benchmark
Nikki Nalamalapu 93% Finance
Nikki Nalamalapu 87% Benckmark
Ksenia  Nation 95% Review Test
Ksenia  Nation 95% Review Test
Nishant Palasamudram 98% Data Distribution
Sruthi Panja 98% Measurement (Metric and Customary)
Dilan Patel 93% Geometry
Krish Patel 87% Geometry
Sara Peavy 99% Multiplication
Sara Peavy 100% Multiplication
Sara Peavy 99% Multiplication
Sara Peavy 100% Multiplication
Sara  Peavy 100% Multiplication
Olivia Quelly 104% Probability
Abishek Rathnakumar 100% Statistics
Jordyn Reed 98% Multiplication Facts
Harish Sakthi 96% Slope and y intercept
Jake  Sampler 90% Math test
Feahna Santesson 100% Telling time
Sanjan Sarang 100% Perimeter and area
Ella Scott 100% Addition and Subtraction
Ella Scott 100% Shapes
Ella  Scott 100% Fractions
Diane Shearer A average math report card
Diane Shearer 100% Unit Test
David Sims 92% Measurement
Ninette Sokhon 95% Math Benchmark
Kelly  Spencer 85% Geometry
Vishal Subramanian 95% Inequalities
Jacob Sutton 96% Surface area
Trevon Wolfe 81% Division

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