Our Students' January Math Acheivements

Feb 6, 2017 | The Woodlands

Congratulations to our students! Their hard work yielded these acheivements in January!

Alia Abdul Razak 94% Properties of Math
Fernanda Aceves 95% Math Test
Sofia Almanza 100% Pythagorean Theorem
Raamesh Balabhadrapatruni 100% Multiplication tables
Alexandra Bespaly 94% 9 Weeks Report Card
Sean Bivens 96% Algebra test
Aubrey Cantrell 95% Fraction Test
Saketh Chinamuthevi 98% Multiply and  Divide Fractions
Audrey  Conley 80% Order of Operations
Tatum Conner 100% 2-Digit Multiplication
Tatum Conner 100% 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication
Destiny Cruz 90% Math Report Card
Zachary Diaz A+ Customary System of Measurements
Destiny Heshmati 99% Square Roots and  Decimals
Ashton Heshmati 97% Progress Check 
Destiny Heshmati 100% Decimals and Integers
Ella  Howard 92% Math Report Card
Anurag Iyer 98% Inequalities
Anurag Iyer 94% Equations
Eshan Jolly 95% Division
Claire Jones 100% Math Review
Nitya  Kaligotla 103% Multiplication
Neil Kodali 98% Decimals and Ratios 
Jonathan  Lee 105% Data Measurements
Jonathan  Lee 94% Ratios and Percents
Decker Lent 95% Division
Abby Mendenhall 100% Algebraic Fraction Word Problems
Abby Mendenhall 100% Applying Algebraic Fractions
Abby Mendenhall 99% Algebraic Fractions
Koushik Musaboyina 100% Division
Neha  Nair 100% Division
Nikki Nalamalapu 98% Two-variable relationships
Nishant Palasamudram 95% Math Test
Sruthi Panja 94% and 100% on Fraction tests
Sara Peavy 100% Benchmark
Sara Peavy 97% Benchmark Challenge
Sydney Pruter 92% Coordinates and Graphing
Dylan Robertson 89% Story Problems
Dylan Robertson 100% Addition and Subtraction
Samantha  Sardina 98% Exponents
Samantha  Sardina 96% Proportions
Marialle Sauber 100% Decimals
Olivia Sauber 96% Decimals
Ella Scott 100% Measurement
Ella  Scott 94% Measurement
Ella Scott 100% Place Value
Ninette Sokhon 96% Two Variable Equations
Ninette Sokhon 88% Inequalities and Equations
Chad  Sokhon 100% Angles
Ninette Sokhon 100% Equations
Amelia Sosa 95% Multilpication
Hunter Wasik 100% Area test
Ava Wendiger 100% Order of Operations
Trevon Wolfe 100% Multiplication